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How to Make Friends When You Move to a New City

Finding a group of people you click with may be challenging, but rest assured that building meaningful relationships takes time — patience and perseverance are key to building a healthy social network. After another quiet night alone of Pho take-out and Sabrina The Teenage Witch episodes, Yasmin wasn’t sure if she made the right decision to come to Chicago. To hold herself accountable for human interaction, she joined a drawing class. The mere exposure effect suggests, as Yasmin eventually intuited, that having continuous interaction with another person will make us more likely to form friendships. But you’ll still need to initiate—ask someone from your class to grab a coffee after.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

Now, on Sundays, when public transit fares are capped at $2.60, Ms. Mabry and her friends take long train trips to see something new — often something she discovered on someone’s Instagram account. There how to make friends when you work from home are naturally activities that you’ll enjoy more than others, and this is likely where your tribe exists. In your efforts to get out of the house, try to invest in activities that you’ll truly relish.

Get involved in your new community

In 2020, many of us experienced what it was like to lose connection. We’ve all been the new person before, and it can be lonely. You could befriend your property manager or the professionals from the moving company, but it’s in your best interest to find people with similar hobbies and passions. McCurdy suggests turning your passions into friend-making opportunities.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

In that vein, expand your interactions with the people you know from work, the gym or your other daily activities. Just this week I recruited my book club to go see “Wonder Woman,” figuring a feminist book club might just be interested in seeing it. Fresh out of college in 2012, she landed a job in Colorado Springs, Colorado, figuring that if she was going to embark on an adventure halfway across the country, this was the time to do it. “Every person you meet is going to have more friends,” Adams said.

baby activities for learning and play

That colleague who’s always sharing recipes and photos of the gorgeous meals they make on their personal blog will probably appreciate your likes and comments on their posts. If you’re struggling to come up with the right words, ask your new colleague to tell you more about their role or their team. You can also ask what advice they may have for a new hire. Some people love sharing the things they wish they’d known when they were in your shoes. Start by reaching out to the people on your team. Next, reach out to your broader department and to other colleagues you find yourself collaborating with on projects.

  • But just because your house is starting to become a home doesn’t mean your new city really feels like home yet—especially if you left friends behind.
  • The holiday marks the end of the reading of the Torah and a return to the beginning.
  • Mercifully, using a combination of tech tools and the gumption to get out there and chat people up, you can rebuild your gang in a new city.
  • There’s a good chance if you moved to a new city, it’s for work.
  • There are dozens, but a few examples are Yubo, WINK, Peanut, and ATLETO.
  • You took a class with them, met them at intramural sports, heck, your parents set you up on playdates.
  • Over the years, Meena has written for publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Travel+Leisure.

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