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Opposite to English whenever “love your” is said in order to almost anybody you like

Opposite to English whenever “love your” is said in order to almost anybody you like

You realize, governmental group meetings from inside the Norways simply a number of individuals gathered around to enjoy pokemon and candycruch – laidback.

“They know that they truly are most, most lucky to not have been born during the Sweden.” Yeah, I am out-of Sweden and you may I am planning to proceed to Norway… I’m so pleased I became created during the Sweden. This new life standard inside the Norway is really reasonable than the Sweden and statistically Sweden is still a better nation. Norway nevertheless is like a third-community country in a number of factors. But then, he’s got additional money to allow them to probably fix it up.

What i love concerning the Norwegian words ‘s the difference in love for family and friends (happy we deg) as well as for your partner (elsker deg)

  • Silvia claims

Hahah I hope it was clear you to definitely which was bull crap… Good luck on circulate no matter if! I am curious the reason why you chose to circulate here if you think it is so even more serious than just Sweden.

Norwegians never ever be concerned? Individuals tell my father-in-laws! He could be usually troubled about busy he or she is, although the simply reason he’s small on time is really because he could be telling somebody how busy he or she is, and just how much it’s stressing him out… Y’know, in the place of actually creating their functions ??

Sucking in getting “Yes” was a good Swedish thing, and you will my personal Norwegian loved ones you should never get that We provided a response, and simply recite whatever they just said.

Hei! Stereotypes regarding maybe not – they all are very i’m all over this! I am Norwegian which Weblog Is all about Me! ?? I perform in fact inhale as soon as we state “yes” of a lot cities – in particular northern from Dovrefjell – therefore have a tendency to build good tsk-ing noise as soon as we state “no”. It is *not* a particularly Swedish procedure, because some body said significantly more than! And, i – as the somebody – commonly such as for instance wealthy. Some time best off than anyone a number of other urban centers because of common medical care and you will at least salary you can flourish for the, however, not too many of us is *wealthy*. We’re wealthy due to the fact a country, as the a country, because an united states. The new petroleum cash is *ours*, rather than liner the fresh new pouches off corporation passes as is well-known in other countries that have characteristics tips. Which ideas is reflected within our freedom-to-wander guidelines. Re also.#17 on the our very own recognized cheeriness? Which is good peculiarity within our code that (afaik) will not exist various other languages. I “rise” during the tone at the conclusion of a statement it doesn’t matter if everything we state are positive or negative. I state “I’m therefore depressed!” with the same up finish during the build because as soon as we state “I’m thus happy!” The fresh Swedes (constantly such Swedes. ) have fun with good downward tone after they utter bad comments and an enthusiastic right up tone after they total self-confident ones. – Tune in into the variation next time you have Swedes going to! XD Excellent blogs!

Tends to make being somebody’s significant other very special. Btw: I enjoy Norway! Lived truth be told there for nearly two years, way up north ??

The things i love concerning Norwegian code ‘s the difference between love for friends (happy i deg) and also for your ex partner (elsker deg)

  • Raffen states

Once the good Norwegian We have usually had difficulties with you to… I’m able to give my mom, my dad, any element of my children otherwise family unit members “Jeg er glad we deg” yahoo convert would say it indicates “Everyone loves your” but that is not what it means, it indicates “We care for you a lot” otherwise “you imply a great deal to me personally” if i translate it individually it states something similar to “I am partial to your”… however it function “I favor you” without the need for the fresh L term” A lot like in Foreign-language in which they claim “te quiero” they usually means that “I like your” within the english, however in reality they states “I look after you” Into the Norway “Jeg elsker deg” and thus which can be interpreted so you can “I adore your” is kepted getting boyfriend, girlfriend, loved one. “Jeg er glad we deg” are a more familiar title used inside nearest and dearest, and is also just as powerfull since the claiming I like you. In Norway, the expression “elsker” =”love” was set aside for use anywhere between a couple just who may exhange fluids. As i see one part of my loved ones, while i need get off, I could constantly provide each an embrace and state “Grateful i deg”… it usually means that “I look after you” and it is named a keen “I really like your” with no romantic connotations ??

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